Boundary Layer

The best way to find a line is to cross it

Monday, December 01, 2003

Undercover Scientology

Behind the scenes at a Scientology center.
I make a huge rock-star entrance into the Celebrity Center. I'm the only person with dreadlocks, wearing black, and chain-smoking. I have to admit this is a beautiful hotel. All the employees are identically dressed, with white shirts and matching ties and slacks (shorter girlie ties and skirts for the women). They're all scurrying about like little busy Scientology worker ants. For the sake of pulling off the charade, I'm hoping nobody can speak German.

Kidnapping for Fun and Profit

Semagoediv is a company that specializes in kidnappings. A segment on the radio show The Next Big Thing profiled the comapny and followed them along on one of their missions.